Ways to Resolve Your Complaint

Ways to Resolve Your Complaint
Ways to Resolve Your Complaint

Consumer Alert:
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Consumer Alert: Online Auctions: Bidders Be Wary

The Internet is an exciting tool that not only puts vast information at your fingertips but expands your shopping options like never before. Now, with only a few clicks of a mouse, you can go online to buy just about anything you need or want – from airline tickets to rare antiques.
Whether you’re buying direct from a business or an individual, an online “retailer” or an Internet auction, shopping online can be fun, easy, practical, and economical. But, just as in the bricks and mortar world, the Internet shopping experience can be marred with unscrupulous dealers constantly devising new ways to deceive consumers out of their money.

This site offers information to help you shop safely and wisely online. You can learn, for example, how to use online payment services, participate in an Internet auction or resolve a complaint with an online dealer. If you’re a seller, you can learn about the FTC’s rules for online advertising, timely deliveries and other business-related matters.

So come on in. Take a good look around. You’re sure to find some important advice you can take with you on your next online shopping trip.
Shopping online opens up a world of opportunity, convenience, choice, competitive prices and information. But what should you do if something goes wrong with your purchase? What if you don’t get the products you ordered? What if they arrive damaged? What if you have been unable to resolve your problem by contacting the business directly? Although the legal remedies available to you may vary depending on your country, the following links may offer a quick and inexpensive way for you to resolve your complaint without having to initiate a formal legal action.

Trust Seals and Escrows
Learn about customer satisfaction and refund guarantees through trust seals, certified merchant programs, and escrow services
Payment Card Protections
If you paid with a payment card (such as a credit card, debit card, stored value card, etc.), in some cases there may be some protection or relief available to you through the payment card issuer.
Alternative Dispute Resolution
There are several alternative ways to resolve your complaint through an independent third party, without having to file a claim in court. These methods can be much quicker and less expensive.
Click here for an International Directory of
ADR Providers.

Information for Business
When you link to these topics, you will be visiting consumer agency websites Bullet Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce (OECD) [PDF]
Bullet Electronic Commerce: Selling Internationally: A Guide for Business (USA) Bullet The Nordic Consumer Ombudsmen’s position paper to trading and marketing on the Internet and in similar communication systems. long version – short version
Bullet Selling Over the Internet – Information for Traders (New Zealand)